So, I’m watching some Dream Live 2011 clips at work, and St. Rudolph’s song comes up…uhh, Yutaka…


…what are you wearing???


I’m sure I’m late to this, but that is clearly a Hyotei outfit. 



What?  Were the Seiyuu outfits the only thing they could find for him.  Did they really think Prince of Tennis fans wouldn’t notice?


Now the burning question is….How did Mizuki get the outfit from Atobe?  Because come on, only Atobe would make his members wear that.

So, just finished watching both seasons of Free…I don’t get the hype.  It was okay, but there are other better sports anime out there.

Maybe it’s just me.  I do have a huge dislike for main characters, who are bland, lack personality, and are completely stagnant.  All the other characters end up looking so much better compared to them and I get annoyed when the so-called main character is on screen.  

I guess you can tell, I do not like Haru.  He’s just like Kuroko. Stuck in his comfort zone, and is a hindrance to others.  The other more interesting characters end up spending way to much time trying to help these type of characters to either, get a dream, improve their skills, or find motivation(Ryoma).  

I probably would have like this more, if it was mainly about Makoto or if Rin was the main character, his story was just so great. At first I thought he was pulling a Sasuke and taking over the show, but then I found I would be completely okay with that.  Rin is an interesting character.

Other than that, Free is just, meh.  If you like Free, fine.  It just wasn’t that great to me.

I will admit though, episode 12 had the best english speaking I have ever heard in an Anime.

This is also the first sports anime that hasn’t influenced me to do the sport.

Dear Boys had me interested in basketball for a while.
Whistle got me playing soccer for a bit.
Eyeshield 21 got me interested in football to the point I watched the Super Bowl
Prince of Tennis got me playing Tennis regularly, and it’s still my preferred sport.


I haven’t gone swimming in years, and not even a tiny spark was lit.  Back when Ocean Girl was on Disney, I wanted to swim all the time…

Anyways, I’m trying to stay away from live-action for a while and get back to anime. 

Now, that I got this one out of the way.  I wonder if I should force myself through Kuroko’s Basketball?  I ended up getting frustrated with Kuroko and I don’t like Kagami…so I never made it through the first season…

What to do…

Ok, so I just recently came across your gif set of Ankh and Eiji wrapping their arms around each other with Deneb in the foreground...Where is that from?!? Seriously, I had thought that I had seen all the episodes and movies with them in it but I can't remember this scene for the life of me

It was in the Let’s Go Kamen Riders Net Movies

Starting to feel a bit empty…

Think there has been way too many finales in the past few weeks…

Legend of Korra, Sengoku Basara, Ninja Turtles, Kamen Rider Gaim…

Good thing two of them start back in October

A few funny comments during the live stream

Saphiro: All this time Bandou had a belt his brother Bandai had



Blackborne: Kaito grew into a fine tree that day

You know how Japanese commercials play at random times?
…yeah I was thrown off by this

You know how Japanese commercials play at random times?

…yeah I was thrown off by this

Easily the best part of the finale.  My heart was pounding when the opening theme started

Kouta is pretty OP…why are they even fighting?

Kouta is pretty OP…why are they even fighting?


Thank you for your hard work, guys!

If you ever need a job in Japan, the flower business seems to be where the big money is.

Now, that Gaim has ended.  I decided to do a little tribute.  A sort of AU, if Gaim had did a semi-reset for it’s ending.  

It’s been a while since I’ve drawn this much. I started this on the 24th and finished on the 26th.

Hope you guys like it.