Splinter is best dad

Gonna really be hurting this month with money.  Won a Tajaspinner, Faiz driver, shot and pointer off Yahoo Japan. 

Also the Revoltech Ninja Turtles are supposed to come out this month

is the teenage ninja mutant turtles show worth watching?

Yes, very much so. 

I grew up on the original cartoons and became obsessed with turtles at least until Power Rangers came out.

I honestly believe the Nick version is the best out of all the cartoons.  At first I was turned off by the animation, but after watching one episode, I loved it. 

The thing that draws me the most is the fact they put emphasis on the teenage part of the turtles.  I never felt like they act their ages in any other incarnation.  They are really around 15 and learning about the world and their place in it.  That’s the part I like the most. 

I also like that all the turtles look different, they aren’t clones of each other.  Leo’s the most normal looking.  Raph is short and stocky.  Donnie is tall and lanky, and Mikey is short and most innocent looking.

This is also the first time I have not been able to pick a favorite turtle.   They all get equal focus, and their quirks are so unique, I can’t pick a favorite.

Leo is still the most serious, but he is also still learning to be a leader.  I mean he is more influenced by  a cartoon than his ninja master.

Raph isn’t as angry.  They found a good balance of him being hot-headed and sarcastic.  They also show his soft side a lot more.

Mikey is Mikey.  There’s not much I can say, he’s a mixture of all the incarnations, with a whole lot of Beast Boy from Teen Titans in there.

Donnie, man Donnie.  I like what they did with him the most.  He’s not just the smart one.  He can also be fun and sarcastic too.  When he and Raph go at it it’s just great.  He also has a crush on April, which adds a lot more to his character.  Never before have I noticed Donatello as much as I had this version.  He was always a background character to me, not anymore.

Splinter.  I love that they made him younger.  He has more interaction with the turtles and gets in on the action.  He really has the strict but also fun dad thing going. Don’t ever make him mad though. His background and relationship with Shredder is fresh and different. 

April and Casey have been de-aged to teens too.  I’m really glad they did this.  They have a lot more involvement with the turtles and can relate to them more.  They also don’t have to constantly be saved.  They both can hold their own without the turtles.

I don’t care much for villains, but they are all very interesting and I like all the different takes. I mainly watch for the turtles.

The stories are also a mixture of light and dark, which reminds me a lot of Avatar.  There are some moments that are downright disturbing.  At other times it can pull at your heartstrings, or have you cracking up.

It will definitely be worth your while to check it out.  It is currently my favorite cartoon.  While it’s still the Ninja Turtles that have been around since the 80s.  It’s differnet enough, that it feels brand new.


I should not be doing this. I am so sorry-

I giggled


I should not be doing this. I am so sorry-

I giggled

so adorkable

so adorkable

Quite upset. I just found out my favorite seiyuu is going to be at Anime Weekend Atlanta


Mattaku, I really want to meet Atobe..uhh..I mean JunJun in person

I have a head canon with these two being related

They are pretty similar, except Kaito is at like level five of being a jerk.  Kusaka’s at level 100

Today’s mail arrivals

OOOs figure model kit

OOOs, Agito, Faiz and Ankh lockseeds

OOOs and Faiz gaia memories